hey, it’s 2017!

so yeah… blogging is obviously not my strong suit.  ha!

i’ve been relatively busy.  homeschooling, volunteering, sewing, learning to knit (finally!), and just general life.

we’ve started volunteering at bennett place, in addition to the duke homestead.


my husband and i finally went on our honeymoon.  quebec city.  it was gorgeous.  and amazing.  we’re taking the kids next year.  it only took 14 years lol!

this was actually on ile d’orleans.  i highly recommend it!

we’ve really enjoyed north carolina.  i’m going to be super sad to leave next year!



there’s just so much to do and see here!  so much history, the area is beautiful, and my kids like it.  anyway, that’s the last year+ in a nutshell.  there’s been so much more {disney world!} but it’s late and i’m tired.






i have no idea how long it’s been since i’ve last blogged.  maybe, i should check on that?  meh.

so… news!  we’ve been through another deployment.  dh came home from the 2nd just 364 days after the first, 1 day shy of a full year.  and then he went tdy and then…

we moved!  we are currently in north carolina, until 2018-ish.  dh is in a new gig playing with the army.

and because the schools here aren’t what i’d like, we’re now homeschooling.

lots of changes.  so far i’m really enjoying NC.  there are so many trees!  it really looks like the mountains back in california, i sometimes have to remind myself we’re not 5,000+ ft up lol!  there’s so much history!  we’re close to tons of stuff!  it’s not oklahoma!

i wore my 1770’s ensemble for halloween, a possible blog post on that later {if anyone is even remotely interested}.  i hand sewed everything, except my stays {because i’m just not that crazy}.  i have 2 petticoats and an english gown, plus my shift.

i discovered that they do a dicken’s type fair thing every year here, so of course i need a new outfit!  plus, i’m hoping to volunteer at some historic sites, and the main one is set in 1852, and thankfully my unders from the 40’s or the 60’s should work for that.  though honestly, i haven’t started corset research for the 50’s.

for the 1840’s i’m going to be making corded stays, corded petticoat, 1 or 2 new plain petticoats, a fan front dress, bonnet and shoes {hopefully!}.  my kids will be a mish-mash of late 40’s-early 50’s.  i haven’t gotten quite that far, though i do know i’m going to be making corded petticoats for my girls.  they’ve both been wanting hoops, and i think that’ll be a nice compromise for now.

my corded stays are past patterns #001, i can already tell i’m going to have to make some adjustments, so look for posts on that soon!  thankfully, a lot of what i have planned for this next year falls in line with the historical sew monthly {which i totally quit this year with dh being gone and the move and everything else.  it was just too much.}.


An 18th century petticoat

i finished the first of my 2 18th century petticoats the other day.  It’s 100% hand sewn!

They’re not difficult to make, and there’s a few tutorials online. 

I used a blanket stitch to hold the pleats in place and used 1/2″ linen tape for the binding and 1/4″ linen tape for the ties.  The tape is sewn on using a spaced back stitch. 

My underpinnings are quite finished yet (my ugly puffer needs the front gathered and I *hate* gathering stitches). I’m hoping it’ll be level once all of that is done lol. Otherwise I’ll have to rebalance the back side. 

I do quite enjoy the way the pleats look and I’ve learnt a few things for the next one (in blue). 


18th century cap

It’s  finished!  I still have no idea how to do my hair or how I’m supposed to wear it, but it’s finished!

I used a precut kit from atthesignofthegoldenscissors.com. It was really quite easy, if a bit time consuming.  Altogether, I think it took around 10 hours, a really large portion of that was hemming every edge of every piece. 

If anyone has any simple hair tips, I’m all ears. I just want something super simple like This. More specifically, the 7th photo. My hair is really long (30+ inches) and I just don’t know how to do that! 


Long time no blog… Again

it is not for lack of things being done, rather lack of time for blogging and lack of a husband. We are, once again, in the midst of a deployment. Can you hear my joy?

We hit 13 years of marriage yesterday, our older daughter turned 10 the day before. I turn 30 next month (gasp!). 

Plus my oldest broke our laptop, so I have no way to upload the photos from my big camera. 

I do have this one, taken a few days before it met its untimely death.   
When did she grow up?

From our recent civil war weekend, only a snap from the lcd of my canon. 

More another day, posting from my phone is a pain. 


Volunteering and cardboard stays

for the 2nd time this year I’m volunteering at the book fair. 

What better time is there for sewing?  Today was buttons!  

I’m also entering into the late 18th century. Due to surprising deployment developments, we won’t be going on our belated honeymoon this spring. Instead, we’re going to hit up the east coast later this year. What more of an excuse to dress up in pretties do I need?  

My stays mock-up was made in cardboard. I’ve read that it’s the most like what they’re like made up; which is totally fine. However, I’m hoping they’ll be just a bit more comfortable around the armpit area. I think they’ll be thinner, which should help. 

I was alone, so I couldn’t lace them up all the way. They definitely made my waist larger and my bust smaller though!  

I have some stuff to work on before I can start them though. More ‘rustic’ wear for our refugee impression next month. I’m really looking forward to it!


HSF #2: Blue

It’s a wool petticoat for my littlest. It’s a bit too long, so I’ll probably add another tuck. And my pinking sheers are missing, so the hem is unfinished. 

The top is muslin, helps to keep it from being too bulky around the waist. He wool is 100% wool flannel, it’s a very dark blue. 

She was nice and warm!



is the total number of ‘likes’ I’ve received on my blog. Ever. 

Isn’t that a kick in the face. 

Some days I don’t even know why I still blog.  Oh well. 

I have my February HSF finished, I just need to get my model to allow me a quick photo shoot and the post will be up. 


the red riding hood

i started this a few weeks ago and finished it this afternoon.  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/93097917273330445

because i made it for the girls, i made it a bit smaller.  i think my square was around 26″. i used a water bottle to measure the curves and used pinking shears to trim them.  the outer is wool flannel and the lining is silk quilted with a thin layer of wool batting.

the quilted lining was whipstitched to the wool outer.

because i’m lazy, i skipped the part where you add the casings, and just did running stitches about 1/2 an inch from the edge of the lining and ran my cording through it.   it also has the added benefit of being more adjustable, i can just run new cording and make it bigger or tighten the current cording and make it smaller.

i used german moire ribbon, and omitted the bow on the top.

i pleated the ribbon for the ties a bit and backstitched them on.

i’ll get a better photo at some point, she wasn’t in a photo taking mood.  it’s very warm!