once again into the fray

despite all appearances, i’ve been quite busy!  i’ve started volunteering at Bennett Place in durham, in addition to the duke homestead.

i decided i needed a new dress, and i have to say, i’m quite pleased with this one.  i finally (!) have a properly fitted bodice. of course, i used the wrong bodice pattern to make my collar, so it’s too wide at the front.  oops!

it’s got slightly fancier sleeves.  never again, they took forever!  they’re a double puff upper with a bishop lower (also need some cuffs).  the fabric is a nice cotton shirting, technically also correct for half mourning.  i just wanted something that wouldn’t show dirt.


Little Bit also got a new dress (well 2, but the second isn’t quite finished yet).  despite all appearances, she does enjoy dressing up with me (not so much the photos).


the front bodice fashion fabric is on the bias, the lining is on the straight.  the skirt is gauged, which i had to do twice since i did it tightly the first time.


i’m currently working on my new dress for the duke homestead.  just today i realized that i need a difference bustle.  i made up tv101 last year, but i need the hem support of tv108, so the pattern is now on it’s way to me.

this was my original inspiration.  it’s so lovely!  the scalloped bits, the simplicity.  i just love it.  however, i’ve come to realize that it’s more 1875-1880 than 1870.


this is my new inspiration.  it’s frilly and fluffy like the early 1870’s, but it’s not quite so over the top as a lot of others.


i do have my petticoat finished, complete with the ruffle of doom.  i might make another, without the huge ruffle, after i finish my new bustle.


my new 1870 dress will get it’s own blog post.  until then!