i have no idea how long it’s been since i’ve last blogged.  maybe, i should check on that?  meh.

so… news!  we’ve been through another deployment.  dh came home from the 2nd just 364 days after the first, 1 day shy of a full year.  and then he went tdy and then…

we moved!  we are currently in north carolina, until 2018-ish.  dh is in a new gig playing with the army.

and because the schools here aren’t what i’d like, we’re now homeschooling.

lots of changes.  so far i’m really enjoying NC.  there are so many trees!  it really looks like the mountains back in california, i sometimes have to remind myself we’re not 5,000+ ft up lol!  there’s so much history!  we’re close to tons of stuff!  it’s not oklahoma!

i wore my 1770’s ensemble for halloween, a possible blog post on that later {if anyone is even remotely interested}.  i hand sewed everything, except my stays {because i’m just not that crazy}.  i have 2 petticoats and an english gown, plus my shift.

i discovered that they do a dicken’s type fair thing every year here, so of course i need a new outfit!  plus, i’m hoping to volunteer at some historic sites, and the main one is set in 1852, and thankfully my unders from the 40’s or the 60’s should work for that.  though honestly, i haven’t started corset research for the 50’s.

for the 1840’s i’m going to be making corded stays, corded petticoat, 1 or 2 new plain petticoats, a fan front dress, bonnet and shoes {hopefully!}.  my kids will be a mish-mash of late 40’s-early 50’s.  i haven’t gotten quite that far, though i do know i’m going to be making corded petticoats for my girls.  they’ve both been wanting hoops, and i think that’ll be a nice compromise for now.

my corded stays are past patterns #001, i can already tell i’m going to have to make some adjustments, so look for posts on that soon!  thankfully, a lot of what i have planned for this next year falls in line with the historical sew monthly {which i totally quit this year with dh being gone and the move and everything else.  it was just too much.}.


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