18th Century

1770-1780’s shift

I started on my shift last week and I’ve been sewing a couple of hours here and there. I’ve decided to do my 18th century sewing by hand (aside from the aforementioned stays that were machined). 

I’m working from pattern A at http://www.marquise.de/en/1700/howto/frauen/18chemise.shtml.  

Because my shift pieces didn’t quite work out the way they show on the diagram, I ended up figuring out my own size for the under arm gussets. They ended up being 15cmx15cm. 

I ordered my linen from  http://www.burnleyandtrowbridge.com and it is amazing!  It is so much softer than the IL019 from fabric-store. 

All seams are flat-felled. 

This is where the shoulder seam  and the underarm gusset meet, right side of fabric.   

I honestly have no idea how period correct this is, but since I’m working in the years between the really full shift sleeves of the early 18th century and the very narrow sleeve of the 1790’s, I’ve made mine with just a few gathers at the upper middle. 


Some of them went a bit wonky so they’re not exactly stroke gathers.  I’m still working out what size to make the stitches for the sleeve edge. They’ll be gathered into a cuff and closed with ribbon. 

I also still have to cutout my neckline, which will be its own post. I’m hoping to get to it this week. 


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